Science Compass | Rare Partners
Science Compass collabora con Rare Partners in un progetto dedicato alla sindrome di Usher, una malattia genetica che provoca grave invalidità uditiva e visiva.
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Rare Partners/en

Rare Partners

Creating impact through strategic research partnerships


Rare Partners is a non-profit organization supporting the development of innovative therapies and diagnostic tools for rare diseases.



In order to translate lab results into drugs and therapies, discovery research needs to be integrated with methods and processes which are typical of pharmaceutical development.

Rare Partners facilitates this crucial step.

The organization provides the competency of professionals with a long-standing expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields to support nonprofit-funded academic research.

ScienceCompass is collaborating with RarePartners on a project dedicated to Usher syn-drome, a genetic disease causing severe vision and hearing impairment.

ScienceCompass contributes to the project through the following activities:


  • scenario analyses on the state of the art of national and international research on Usher syndrome;
  • mapping of the funding entities in the field;
  • feasibility studies to evaluate the creation of collaborations or joint actions on Usher syndrome;
  • planning and activation of funding initiatives for research on the disease.