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Science Compass è gestione strategica ed efficace dell'investimento in ricerca biomedica. Supporta il cliente con strumenti di grant-making, peer reviewe monitoraggio della ricerca.
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Science Compass

Why a compass for research?

Nowadays, results bearing a strong impact on people’s health are increasingly arising  from different roots: stakeholders, academia, institutions and industry. Each subject needs to acquire tools to foster collaboration paths geared towards development.

Science Compass supports the creation and growth of scientific enterprises in the biomedical field.

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Who are our customers


and funding agencies

Science Compass supports foundations, associations and public institutions who have chosen to adopt the best practices for funds allocation in biomedical research providing tools and expertise for grant-making and peer review.


Science Compass assists companies in devising and implementing patient-centred development strategies providing strategic advice and training.


and institutes

Science Compass facilitates collaboration between patients and the scientific community and supports scientists in grant-seeking and submitting of funding proposals for their projects.

By choosing Science Compass you make a choice for competence, flexibility and focus on results.


Contact us if you want to know more about the Science Compass system info@sciencecompass.it.

Francesca Sofia

Founder and chief

Francesca Sofia

Interacting with patients and sharing the logics of research towards a cure have always been at the core of my professional track.

The challenges encountered in my personal life shaped the vision at the basis of Science Compass: creating scientific enterprises born out of shared needs and goals, and grown thanks to the dedication and talent of people willing to chart new courses.

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My fist job in science was at the lab bench. The research field was neuroscience: in particular, I studied the function of the Emx1 gene on brain development. This project led, among other results, to the identification of Emx1 involvement in epilepsy.

During the same years my interests gathered around topics related to economy and management; I wanted to focus on the impact of these branches of knowledge on the scientific enterprise.


After getting my PhD in Molecular Biology from the Open University London, I went on to integrate my education with a Master’s degree in International Healthcare Economics, Policy and Management from the Bocconi University in Milan.

It was then that I became fully convinced that science management would be my professional field.

Soon after that, I came upon the opportunity to put my studies to good use when I was recruited as a Research Program Manager in the Scientific Office at the Italian Telethon Foundation.

I worked at the Telethon Foundation for ten years and had the chance to gain long-standing experience in matters pertaining to science evaluation, scenario analyses and management of a research portfolio following up on the mandate by a stakeholders’ community.

Key activities in my professional path were liaising with patients and sharing the knowledge of the processes and logics of therapy-driven research.


I could describe my career path as straightforward until the moment it went through a strong, yet crucial, shock when in 2011 my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy which very soon proved to be drug resistant.


My daughter’s disease was a wake-up call infusing my professional life with a new sense of urgency: my work and personal lives melted together gaining strength, drive and humanity.

Tools and services for the scientific enterprise


If you are are funding or managing a scientific enterprise in the biomedical field, you want to advance research towards the achievement of a positive impact on people’s lives: better diagnostic tools, more adequate standards of care, the development of therapies and so on.

Multiple options are available for each project; devising and implementing the most effective strategy is key.

Science Compass has created a system to support your decisions along this process.

Our services

research funding

Biomedical research portfolio design and management (scenario analysis, grantmaking, output monitoring of the funded research)

disease registries

Support in registry design and creation

research development

Assistance in technology transfer and IP management


Support in the identification of funding opportunities


Assistance in the preparation and submission of funding proposals and reports

patient engagement

creation of multi-stakeholder collaboration projects and ad-hoc training

Contact us if you want to know more about the Science Compass system

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