Science Compass | Science Compass - Strategie efficaci per l'impresa scientifica
Science Compass è gestione strategica ed efficace dell'investimento in ricerca biomedica. Supporta il cliente con strumenti di grant-making, peer reviewe monitoraggio della ricerca.
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Science Compass

Who we are

Science Compass is the first Italian firm to offer services and tools for grantmaking and peer review in the biomedical field.

Science Compass was created by professionals with great experience on portfolio management within major research-funding agencies and universities; its job is to guide the scientific enterprise through an accurate scenario assessment in the investment landscape of choice and steer research-supporting actions towards the most effective decisions.

Our values


because constant care and continuous support make the scientific enterprise effective


because, in order to be effective, the scientific enterprise must adapt to change and take advantage of the best opportunities


because the scientific enterprise has to be built on mutual respect of roles, competences and motivations


because the Science Compass system is based on human beings working together to address people’s needs